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    Tax accounting advice

    We provide general support to corporations and private business owners regarding daily accounting and tax duties. We offer two plans: the Self-Accounting plan where customers prepare their own accounting books and this company carries out audits, and the “bookkeeping” plan where this company prepares accounting books for customers based on deposit and withdrawal data for cash and bank accounts, invoices, etc. We also adjust visit frequency, etc. to match customers’ business styles.

    • Assistance with preparation accounting books / financial statements

    • Consultation about daily accounting procedures or tax affairs

    • Estimates of expected financial results and expected tax amount, discussion of countermeasures

    • Preparation and submission of tax returns, being present for tax audits

    • Preparation and submission of all types of notices or documents to tax offices, government offices, etc.

    • Year-end adjustment, preparation of legal records

    • Preparation of declarations of depreciable assets

    • Preparation of income tax returns for individuals

    • Tax returns for cryptocurrency (using the profit and loss calculation software Cryptact)

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    Inheritance / Business succession

    It seems like revisions of property tax are carried out every year. At this company, we support customers in realizing smooth inheritance of their important property to the next generation, taking the latest tax systems into account. For asset succession, we propose ante-mortem inheritance tax measures that are based on a long-term outlook. We also provide free consultation for the first time regarding inheritance tax returns or judgment of tax obligations, so please feel free to ask.

    • Preparation of inheritance tax returns

    • Preparation of gift tax returns

    • Estimates of inheritance tax owed

    • Consultation regarding ante-mortem inheritance tax measures

    • Consultation regarding succession plans for own shares

    • Calculating valuation of own shares

    • Consultation regarding the application of the special business succession tax system to own shares

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    Management consulting

    From analyzing accounting numbers to gain an understanding of the management situations of companies and formulating plans to improve management, to assisting with negotiation with financial institutions, etc. and implementation, our team of tax and accounting professionals proposes the best solution for each customer. We also assist new companies, etc. in the construction of corporate systems and help to improve accounting business processes.

    • Assistance in formulating business plans / management improvement plans

    • Assistance with cash flow improvement and funding

    • Assistance for start-ups, assistance in constructing corporate systems

    • All other finance consulting


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything.