Statement by the President


Takikawa Tax & Accounting

Hirofumi Takikawa

Since the company's founding in 1983, Takikawa Tax Accounting Office has provided services such as monthly accounting audits, preparation of financial statements, and preparation of tax returns and related documents to individual and corporate clients centered in the Higashi Mikawa area of Aichi Prefecture, supporting mainly the accounting and tax aspects of clients' business development. In October 2019, we established the tax accountant corporation Takikawa Tax & Accounting, and as the closest partner of management, we continue to strive to be of assistance in improving clients' management and of course accounting and tax affairs.
Accounting not only lays the groundwork for appropriate tax returns, but also provides a framework for correctly understanding the business situation, assisting management. At this office, we use monthly audits and monthly financial reports to help managers correctly understand the of their business. We also assist with the implementation of new technologies such as FinTech.

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President's Biography

March 2003
Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University
April 2003
Started work at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC. Carried out statutory audits for publicly listed companies in the domestic audit department.
2August 2011
Joined Accenture Co., Ltd. Carried out management consultation in the financial sector.
September 2012
Graduated from the Graduate School of Business Breakthrough University.
September 2014
Received a diploma from the UC Berkeley Extension International Diploma Program (Finance)
October 2014
Joined Takikawa Tax Accounting Office.
October 2019
Established Takikawa Tax & Accounting, appointed President.

Also worked as TA (Teaching Assistant) at Business Breakthrough University since 2012.

● Accounting     
● Business creation and business planning     
● Practice of company management (corporate governance)


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